Hi, I'm Carlin Comm :)

So, there was this girl...

Isn't that how all good stories begin? :)

Life on the road is always interesting!

Follow along as I reveal the secrets of Urban Camping!!

Day 5 - 8:50 pm "Less than a quarter moon visible... stars should be coming out soon...The dampness sinks its teeth into me, gently at first...teasing me, but the breeze brings new urgency to it, like cold fingers of a new lover, probing at my neck, sending chills down my spine... mmmm :)"

This book is packed with tips, tricks, and examples of how NOT to travel!

Grab a couple hours sleep when you can, pull your jacket tighter, and hope the sprinklers don't reach you!

Its Another Adventure!

Told from the perspective of a Navy Veteran, who's just trying his best to hold things together... still!

Thank You! You have no idea how much it meant to get the tweets!

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